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The digital publishing network with over 30 vertical portals,creating a new company asset – Deva Publisher

The challenge of the digital publishing

In July 2019 Deva Connection acquired Trilud, a publishing network comprised of over 30 vertical portals, creating a new company asset – Deva Publisher.

It picks up an impressive baton: the website represents the milestone of online publishing, starting from the forefather Tuttogratis, for which Deva Publisher foresees a relaunch and a revamp.

At the basis of the publishing challenge there are important communication and rebranding activities, to which the goal of valuing the vast social fanbase of over 2.5 million users across several channels must be added: this will be achieved via online and offline marketing, with the aim to get the users loyalty and reinforce the brand identity.

The goal

Deva goal is to give new life to a great value publishing project, such as the one represented by Trilud,which once Tuttogratis Italia saw the light,moved its first steps in 1998,continuosly updated by the use of new technologies, including machine learning, and up-to-date and innovative strategie digital strategies.

The skills acquired by Deva within the digital world are the foundation for the company’s new know-how, strengthened by the assistance of field experts.

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For this project Deva joined forces with the best partners on the market, those who can bring added value to the publishing infrastructure.

Partner,leader of the programmatic advertising market, was chosen as exclusive concessionary. Built around the need of placing the user at the centre of the experience, and supported by the great diversification of vertical subjects which make up the publishing proposition of Deva, the adv is of the state-of-the art for what concerns targeting and technological infrastructure.

The proposition

From a commercial point of view, Deva intends to invest also in the development of special projects, specifically thought for the bespoke sector, customised on the real needs of the investors, who can count on diverse range of experiences and skills our team has acquired in order to better optimise its value proposition. 

New, original content, uniquely designed, bespoke infrastructure created around the user, innovative advertising, the history of the portals and the experience acquired within the digital industry are the mix of competences and skills which make Deva a leader in the market, with the exponential growth of the online publishing sector.

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