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Deva on Deva

Deva Connection was founded on the 7th of December 2013. Born from an idea of the CEO Valerio Stavolo, with a slow pace but quickly finding its place within the information technology world.

The launch as Media Agency enabled the acquisition of a solid base, which in turn conquered the trust of important partners and the participation on various projects within the mobile payment, integration and digital marketing environments.

In 2018 Deva enters the world of the Digital Out of Home as business and technological partner and P.Stop concessionary – the exclusive digital signage circuit, available in the most important squares of Rome.

In July 2019, Deva acquired Trilud, a historic media network of over 30 portals, which to date reaches over 90 million page views per month. The management of the portals ranges from editorial, to social, to programmatic advertising, all with the assistance of integrated strategies.

An expanded team, a new headquarter and ambitious goals both at short and long term define Deva as an heterogeneous, omni-channel reality, with a know-how that ranges within many digital aspects, both online and off-line.

The new challenge, from 2020, is to take part to the ambitious project of the Rome Aquarium.


“I founded Deva with the idea of creating a tool with which develop a project of growth. I did it and do it so that everyone is an integral part of the project and of the growth. During the years, I always had the belief that each of the collaborators should contribute to Deva’s success, and each time we reach a goal or target, it is shared with and by everyone. When I decided to enter the publishing world I thought of a team and I built the right one for such a complex challenge: the digital world is fast paced and dictates the pace, imposing quick decisions which follow the ever-changing sentiment of the target audience. The Internet enables the world to be at services of the masses, therefore, in order to stand out from the competition, experimental and new communication strategies are needed. A challenge, which we are ready to take on.”


Deva Connection believes in the company culture, which is unanimously shared by the entire organization. The values which define us are the same which enable us to create ambitious and success-oriented strategies.


The people are at the centre of every company decision we take. Deva Connection believes in each person working within the business, and in the continuous learning of each individual.

“People constitute the drive towards the Deva Connection success.”


Innovation as a company value means not only to keep on top of trends and changes within the industry and market, but also to change the rules of the surrounding environment.

 “We are ambitious, we do not fear change, we embrace and determine it.”


Passion for our work drives us towards new, far away horizons, and pushes us to confront ourselves with the reality around us. We see problems as opportunities for growth.

”For each of our activities, passion helps us solve most of the difficulties we may encounter.”


In a moment of in-depth transformation, in which the social variables are changeable, we believe in the value of knowledge, not only in terms of study, but also as an opportunity for self-development.

“Knowledge is not an information, but a new way to conceive the environment around us.”

What do we do

Mobile Integration

We develop platforms and provide digital solutions for mobile integration

Lead Generation

We have vast databases, highly targetable for contact acquisition, at disposal.

Web Development

We develop websites using continuously updated best practices.

SEO Consulting

We possess vertical expertise which embrace all areas involving SEO.

Programmatic Advertising

We offer verticalized and highly targetable portals, ensuring high performances.

Data Driven Marketing

The analysis of the data at the basis of the implementation of optimised strategies.

Digital Out Of Home

We have a digital network available in 11 Roman squares, all with led wall of the latest technology.

Media Management

Integrated, omni-channel management of the industry media.

Machine Learning

We use the most innovative technologies for performance improvement.




Via Tata Giovanni, 8
00154 Roma (RM)
P.I. 12658471003
N° reg. REA RM-1391919