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The data-driven methodology is at the foundation of the integrated digital strategies.

Digital Marketing Experience

The digital branch of Deva was founded in 2014. The first steps as traditional web agency allowed for the acquisition of know-how and to obtain a complete market overview of Rome and Milan. .

The experience enabled the implementation of a data-driven approach for each project, the starting point for every digital, omni-channel strategy, which can be adapted to a variety of fields, also completely different from one another, and to combine the online and off-line communication.

 Our Strengths

Data-Driven Marketing

Ours is a data-driven approach.which is based on the collection of historic data and on market research

The dual analysis focuses on the reference framework (market and competitors) and on the pre-existing project, which is fundamental for the action points and steps definition, as well as for the bespoke strategy creation, based on the unique needs of the business.

Digital Strategy

The data analysis guides us in the creation process of a path focused on the use of the most performing – and customised – tools, in order to achieve the highest possible performance.

Strategy comes first for us,this is why we only offer bespoke solutions,tailored on the unique needs and objective of each business.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO optimisation  of our portals is constantly updated in order to follow market trends and the changes search engines face: our goal is to make them visible against their target and to affirm them in the commercial field of reference,in order to obtain qualified traffic which generates concrete business results.Search engines such as Google e Bing play an important role, as they are the most used tool by user searching for information.

Inbound Marketing & Advertising

We create, plan and manage Online Advertising campaigns using Paid Search, Display Advertising, Social Advertising with the Data Driven Approach, which allows us to continuously optimise ROI and performance.

The creation of complex funnels allows us to use a system of varied channels and diversified tools, depending on the objective, thanks to inbound marketing logic via SEO optimisation, lead generation and valuable branded content.

Web Development & Design

We design digital ecosystems (web applications, mobile app, eCommerce) which respect the identity of the project via the synchrony of the UX/UI design and creativity logics.

We design an innovative and intuitive user experience: the better the experience, the higher the conversion rate in relation to the business objectives.




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