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What we expect from 2024

The Cittadella del Mare, currently known as Acquario di Roma, is a complex comprising of a traditional aquarium, an exposition place and a technological centre which are located along a commercial gallery which will host several commercial activities, mostly within the food and beverage industry.

Deva Connection is a stakeholder and technological partner for the activities of communication and digital signage. .

Project development areas

The Acquario di Roma is an infrastructure situated underneath the Eur small lake, centre of development of the city of Rome..

The project is subject to state constraints, which caused several delays to the project with consequential unrest from the public, although the start is forecasted within 2024. 

The areas which will see Deva involvement are two, the communication and digital signage aspects.

Digital Out Of Home

The experience acquired within the Digital Out Of Home will enable Deva to enhance the diverse sections of the aquarium (part of the commercial gallery and technological centre) with interactive solutions of the latest generation, special effects and high rate of engagement. .


The project will include step solution for the communication side, which will be developed across several channels. Website, e-Commerce ticketing, Social Media and Advertising are just the beginning of a new trip (to the depths of the seas) which Deva cannot wait to start.




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