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Technology and innovation are in constant evolution. Deva Connection is the media agency which, thanks to the use of the latest generation channels and tools, follows the constant change flow.
The ability to professionally manage and integrate each digital activity is supported by the partnership with Google, the most important international media centres and the main telecommunication companies, such as TIM, Vodafone, Wind and TRE.
The Deva mindset enables the management of the business, based on online investment plans on the most important web and mobile platforms, with performance activities and constantly measured results.

The in-depth competitor analysis, together with the use of the most suitable online promotional channels and professional results monitoring software, complete the marketing approach of Deva Connection.

These characteristics make the media agency a focal point within the digital world, always in continuous learning and cutting edge, ready to take on the new Digital Publishing challenges.

The value of Deva comes from its people, a team who strongly believes in the project and who, supported by the latest and most innovative available technologies, is able to take on the most ambitious challenges.

What separate good content from great content
is a willingness to take risk and push the envelope.

Brian Halligan • CEO coFOUNDER HubSpot

What separate good content from great content
is a willingness to take risk and push the envelope.

Brian Halligan

Media Agency

The Media Agency combines the use of continuously updated digital tools with an innovative vision and out of the box thinking, offering, amongst other things, Digital Out of Home services and integration between the online and off-line channels.

Digital Publishing

The publishing division looks after a network of online media outlets with a large customer base, which communicates with any target type. The management of the activities is based on the following of the user journey at 360°, with an omni-channel approach.


Deva offers digital solutions for the management of high-volume of national and international mobile traffic and for mobile payment. The portfolio of the offered activities ranges from platform and software development to customised management and handling.


Deva Connection aims to be a hub of diversified services, all dedicated to the digital, technology and communication worlds.The unique competences of each team member enable us to meet tailor-made goals, based on differentiated strategies. The data driven approach and attention to detail allow us to move within different fields, always with measurable results.